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We specialize in guiding adults, just like you, who’ve battled physical and/or mental setbacks, back to the pinnacle of their physical capabilities. Our small group and personal training programs are not generic routines; they’re transformative plans tailored to your unique story.

The Team


Mark Schneider

Founder / Coach

I enjoy witnessing the (short and fleeting) moments when it all clicks for you and you feel strong, free, and at peace. After 20 years in this and adjacent industries, I’ve come to believe that the most healing, transformative, and/or enjoyable moments come when you are fully engaged in an activity of the moment. To help others achieve these moments of focus, I’ve created The Retreat and its parent company LIVIT.
My job (and life) is centered around learning, filtering, and teaching different ways you can overcome or manage the distractions offered by pain, negative narratives of your past, and general feelings of discomfort to be able to be in the moment – even for just a moment. The Retreat was created because I wanted to provide a curated space that allows you to escape the noise of city life and is equipped to offer a variety of ways of finding your personal edges – from breath work to building balance to significant strength training. The Retreat is the perfect place to find the path to your goals (and the moment when it clicks)

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